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Ecographic's philosophy

Ecographic believes that businesses and organisations can benefit from taking an environmentally responsible approach to design and print. Using environmentally-sound materials and printing methods gives promotional materials an aesthetic advantage in an already saturated market, as well as helping to conserve the planet's limited resources and reduce pollution.

Standard paper manufacture uses large amounts of virgin plant fibre, energy and water, and causes pollution. Good environmental choices are recycled and uncoated papers with a high post-consumer content.

Conventional printing ink is petroleum-based and mixes with alcohol-based solvents to release VOCs into the atmosphere. VOCs are hazardous to the environment and to human health. Vegetable and soya based inks offer a non-polluting and renewable alternative.

Environmental standards among printing companies vary enormously. Ecographic reduces negative environmental impacts by selecting printing companies with environmental management systems (such as ISO14001) which offer environmentally-sound printing and finishing methods.

Clare Mansfield, founder of Ecographic, worked as a full-time designer for WWF-UK from 1995 to 1998 and then on a freelance basis. She has an MPhil research degree from Glasgow School of Art (2001-2002) for research into the impact of design and print on the natural environment, and how it can be addressed.

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