graphic design and print graphic design and production with minimum environmental impact

Ecographic provides a
graphic design
service based
in Brighton

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Ecographic will create or update your branding, design for print or website. Good design ensures that your branding, stationery, leaflets, brochures, exhibitions and website all communicate the right message, raise awareness of your activities and reinforce a consistent visual identity. With experience of the environmental, charity and ethical markets, Ecographic produces design work which communicates effectively with your target audience.

Ecographic also offers a print management service, working with printing companies with high environmental standards and experience of using recycled paper. Many of the printers we regularly use print exclusively with vegetable based inks and have ISO14001 accreditation.

Production knowledge

Print production is continually developing, particularly in terms of environmental performance. Ecographic benefits from ten years experience of working in the environmental sector. We have undertaken detailed research into paper, ink and printing and environmental impacts. Working closely with suppliers and printers allows us to remain completely up to date with the latest products and technology.